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The village of Kokkari boasts three beautiful sheltered beaches:
Kokkari's main long beach and the two Lemonakia of the village.

In addition, three of the best beaches of Samos island are at the west of the village: Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsabou.
They can all be reached easily on foot or by car and there is a frequent bus service from Kokkari to these beaches.

Sea Kayak

It is common belief that there is no better way to experience the unique beauty of Samos's amazing coastline with its hidden beaches and impressive cliffs than by a sea kayak.

Safe, stable, and able to navigate in mere inches of water, the kayak is equally suited for the open bay and the narrow straights typical of the islands coastline.

Sea kayaking tends to attract people of all ages that enjoy a long day of exploration or a small paddling tour. Thus it can be as peaceful or exhilarating as you (and the weather) can make it. Quiet and low to the water it creates an atmosphere conducive to discovery, adventure and relaxation.

From the rhythmic sound of the paddle parting the vitreous water, to the hiss of the kayak as it cleaves the surface while catching a wave, sea kayaking offers the sensation of being at one with the sea.

Even when covering vast distances struggling against a headwind, no thought of the stress's left behind in the 'real world' ever catches up to you.

Walks & Trekking

The gorgeous, north coast beach resort of Kokkari - by far the most attractive on the island - is backed by dramatic limestone mountains, flower-covered in spring.

It has one of the most extensive networks of paths and walking routes of any Greek island, with plenty of shade for walking in summer.

There are twenty-eight walks that are possible in Samos having Kokkari as a starting point. Their duration ranges from 1 hour to a whole day. These walks offer a unique opportunity to observe and even study the extensive flora and fauna of Samos.

Olympia Hotels recommend the walker's guide 'Walks in the Kokkari Area of Samos'


Kokkari is rated, by surfers and windsurfing magazines, as one of the top 5 windsurfing spots in Greece.

There is an organized windsurfing centre 500 meters away from Olympia Hotels offering lessons for all levels, and equipment rentals. The center has the latest F2-Boards and Neil Pryde-sails on the racks and is surrounded by a grass area to set up on.

Windsurfing competitions take place every summer attracting a large number of local and foreign windsurfers.

Olympia Hotels offer storage and airport transfers of equipment.

Mountain Biking

Kokkari offers easy going mountain biking tours for fun riders or novices, to dramatic biking tours for the professionals, starting from the sea level and ending up to Karvounis mountain highest tops.

The landscape combination of the sea and the forest, the majestic views, the picturesque mountain villages the biker encounters, and the sear thrill of mountain biking in Karvounis make these tours a unique way of discovering the "authentic" Samos.

Mountain biking races are organised every summer, having Kokkari as the starting and finishing point, by the Prefecture of Samos and Samos Sports Authority.

Helmet and mountain bike rentals are available in a variety of Places in Kokkari. Olympia Hotels recommend Easy Rider Rentals and The Wind Surfing Centre rentals.

Olympia Hotels offer storage and airport transfers of equipment.

Snorkeling & Diving

Samos is famous for the clarity of its turquoise waters that allows snorklers up to 30 meters of view.

Those who are willing to explore the underwater Samos, they will encounter a colorful seabed, covered with sea sponges, seashells of all kinds, sea stars, sea urchins and all kinds of marine life typical of the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is not uncommon to encounter dolphins or even monk seals in deeper waters and in remote areas and caves.


Samos thanks to its mountainous terrain is considered to be one of the top islands of the Aegean for rock climbing. Rock Climbing is an invigorating, challenging, and fun sport for all ages.

It provides a full body and mental workout, improves flexibility, balance, coordination, it invigorates one's mind and relieves stress all while having a great time.

Climbing as an organized activity has only a few years of life in the island, thus there are many unexplored places and routes.
Up till the present moment there are established routes in the area of Potami, near the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi, on Mount Kerkis and Pythagorio. All field are clearly marked by the Trekking Association of Samos..


Samos being an integral part of the Ionian civilization, has a millennium long history and a rich cultural life.

The ancient port of Pythagorio and the Temple of Hera are designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The archaeological museums of Samos and Pythagorio house unique artifacts of Samos ancient past.
The Byzantine museum in Samos town has a collection of Byzantine and religious artifacts. Other museums are the museum of natural history Mitilinoi and the Folkloric Museum in Pythagorio and in Karlovassi.

Monasteries of great historic and religious importance are: Megali Panagia, Stavros, Agia Zoni, Zoodohos Pigi, Vrodiani and others.
Festivals such as the Manolis Kalomiris Festival, Iraia and Karlovassia host every year a variety of world class artistic performances and ancient Greek tragedies.

Boat Trips

Samos can be any traveler's base for visiting two countries and five islands!

There are daily boat trips linking Samos with the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey) and the ancient Ionian city of Ephesus.
There are daily connections to the holy island Patmos, the Jerusalem of the Aegean, where Saint John wrote the Apocalypse. Other islands close to Samos are Ikaria, the island complex of Fourni and Kos.

All the above mentioned places can be reached by a small ferry leaving Samos in the morning and returning late afternoon.